Twingate is a zero trust networking solution that simplifies how businesses secure remote access to their private apps, data, and environments.

Built to make the lives of developers and IT administrators easier, it replaces outdated VPNs which were not built to handle remote working and cloud-based assets which are increasingly widespread in today’s businesses.

Secure access to private resources for distributed workforces


  • Founded 2019


  • Tony Huie
  • Alex Marshall
  • Lior Rozner

How It Began

Twingate was created following over 50 customer conversations that focused on the challenges that teams and companies face around securing remote access. Despite the fact that remote working is now common, and that almost every technology has moved to the cloud over the last 15+ years, remote access is still overwhelmingly provided by VPNs – an increasingly outdated technology from the 1990s. The reason we discovered? It’s just too hard to adopt a more secure approach without sacrificing ease of use.

For security solutions to be effective, they also need to be usable, maintainable, and reliable. Twingate delivers an enterprise-grade service with consumer-grade usability, helping businesses to improve and simplify security without compromise. Twingate protects businesses from costly data breaches, reduces the workloads of IT administrators, and helps developers and other end users be more productive, wherever they may be.