With a presence in each of the 50 states, Tinkergarten is a national leader in early childhood education. Its innovative approach transforms the outdoors into the ultimate classroom. Tinkergarten’s emphasis on teaching in natural settings enables kids to become creative, confident and self-directed individuals who can thrive in our ever-changing world.

With its technology-enabled network of leaders, Tinkergarten offers a nationwide program of outdoor classes and do-it-yourself activities, where kids learn important core life skills, such as creativity, problem-solving, collaboration and persistence, via an expert-designed, play-based curriculum. In an age when video screens dominate attention, Tinkergarten provides kids outdoor, playful experiences that deliver life-long learning skills.

Making the outdoors the ultimate classroom


  • Founded 2012
  • Partnered 2018


  • Meghan Fitzgerald
  • Brian Fitzgerald

How It Began

Tinkergarten started with a dinner conversation. Meghan and Brian Fitzgerald, both trained educators, were discussing their hopes and plans for their infant child when they came to a realization: Almost all of their own treasured childhood memories were outdoors. They wondered, what could they do to create those kinds of nurturing, natural experiences for their daughter? As one idea led to another, Tinkergarten was born. Its unique outdoor classes and do-it-yourself programming take kids away from screens and technology, returning them to a natural environment where the setting and instruction combine to provide education filled with wonder.