Founded in 2009 in New York City by longtime music industry executives Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal, The Infatuation has become one of the most innovative restaurant discovery platforms in the world. After all, what’s the best way to find out if a restaurant is the right one? Ask a friend who’s been there. The Infatuation is like always having a friend along with you who knows about every restaurant around every bend.

The Infatuation now covers more than two dozen global cities, offering its unique approach to restaurant reviews and guides via its prolific web and social media presence, useful mobile apps, email newsletter, and its popular SMS-based recommendation platform, Text Rex. The company also hosts and produces more than 50 community events annually, including its large-scale food festival, EEEEEATSCON.

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  • Founded 2009
  • Partnered 2018


  • Chris Stang
  • Andrew Steinthal

How it Began

In the middle of the 2000s, thanks to factors like food television and the early days of social media, a major shift occurred in consumer behavior around dining. Suddenly a huge market of newly-formed food enthusiasts had been created, and they weren’t looking to simply check every five-star French restaurant off their list. White tablecloths were replaced with communal tables, and familiar foods took center stage. The Infatuation was created to serve this new set of consumers in a way that the incumbents weren’t. The content was designed to be useful and entertaining, but above all relatable. Like getting advice from a knowledgeable friend, rather than an industry expert. A new brand for a new audience.

With the acquisition of Zagat, The Infatuation is adding a community review platform to its restaurant discovery portfolio. Between The Infatuation and Zagat, the company aims to be the first and only place people turn to when they think, “Let’s eat out!”