The Internet is wonderful but it’s risky. Pango Group removes the risks so consumers can enjoy the wonderful. Pango Group offers the right technologies for the various threats that are so pervasive on the worldwide web, and then its subscription service provides a simple solution that allows its accessible, easy-to-use products to do the hard work so consumers can go about their online lives with complete peace of mind.

Making internet safety simple.


  • Established 2019


  • Hamed Saeed

How It Began

For too long, true security for mobile phones and other devices has been an unsolved problem. Pango Group was created to provide the solution. Since one product or app can’t combat every risk, Pango Group provides a holistic service that offers full and complete online safety.

Pango Group began with Hotspot Shield, a top VPN product. They’ve since added new products like Robo Shield, and partnered with others to offer products like 1Password and Hiya. Since the security threats keep evolving, Pango Group will keep evolving, devising new solutions to address new threats in order to maintain the Internet as a secure and worry-free space for its subscribers.