A unique audio streaming platform that provides an expansive collection of 50+ million radio shows, DJ sets and podcasts, produced and uploaded by 1.7+ million passionate creators and tastemakers around the globe. Mixcloud is an emerging leader in providing music creators the ability to generate income directly from loyal fans via channel-based subscriptions.

Mixcloud’s unique licensing model and proprietary content ID system ensures that revenue flows to channel creators as well as to all underlying music rights holders. This creates an appealing win/win environment for artists and listeners to come together through the universal language of music.

Mixcloud also collaborates with major brands through its strategic partnerships arm LOUD, working with the likes of Adidas, W Hotels, Sonos, Dr. Martens, Red Bull and more, using audio culture to connect brands with target consumers.

Connecting a global community of listeners and creators through audio culture


  • Founded 2008
  • Partnered 2018


  • Nico Perez
  • Nikhil Shah
  • Mat Clayton

How It Began

Mixcloud was born from club culture. In 2009, founders, Nico Perez, Nikhil Shah, and Mat Clayton, launched an online space for like-minded people to share mixes and radio shows — easy, free, legal, anywhere, anytime. This formed a distinctive online community of DJs, artists, promoters, clubs, labels, festivals, radio stations and the fans who sustain them. Mixcloud organically grew beyond club culture and now is home to a unique collection of DJ sets, radio shows, and podcasts, uploaded by 1.7M+ passionate creators and tastemakers around the globe.

Today, Mixcloud is the go-to global community for audio culture.