Founded in 2018, Aura offers a personal technology platform that protects the digital lives of consumers, simply and intuitively.

More than one million customers have turned to Aura for its adaptive technology that monitors, manages and protects against the risks associated with their identities and personal information. This protection isn’t just for the individual subscriber, but it extends to everyone under their roof.

Protection for you and your entire family


  • Founded 2018
  • Partnered 2018


  • Hari Ravichandran

How it Began

Aura was born out of the idea that the wonders of the internet can only be fully explored and optimized if people are protected from its dangers. And so, Aura was designed to provide the full range of protection people need for their daily online life, including dark-web monitoring, intelligent scanning antivirus software, potential cyberbullying alerts, automatic quarantine of malware, bank account takeover alerts and social media insights reports. Aura achieves all this with two category-leading products:

Intrusta – Unlike most antivirus protection software that requires constant vigilance and diligence on the part of users, Intrusta works quietly in the background, identifying suspicious code and taking action all without the user having to think about it.

Identity Guard – Identity Guard’s powerful artificial intelligence technology continuously analyzes billions of pieces of data in the darkest corners of the web, protecting consumers from that one suspicious item that could put their identity in jeopardy.