1Password is the world’s most loved password manager. By combining industry-leading security and award-winning design, 1Password protects businesses and homes by making it easy to create, use, and share strong passwords. 1Password is the best-rated password manager on Trustpilot.com.

1Password is a password manager that keeps you safe online. It stores all your personal information — passwords, credit cards, licenses and more — behind a single Master Password that only you know. Sign into apps and websites with a single click, guard against data breaches, and share passwords with the whole family. 1Password is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Go ahead. Forget your passwords.


  • Founded 2005
  • Partnered 2019


  • Roustem Karimov
  • Dave Teare

WndrCo partnership

When Sujay and ChenLi researched the security and privacy market opportunity that ultimately led to the creation of Pango and Aura, they were connected by mutual investor Accel to the 1Password team. Pango partnered with 1Password and offered it as part of the Pango bundle along with Hotspot Shield.