The Founders Behind The Founders

We are excited to announce that we have raised over $460 million for our new Seed and Venture funds – a milestone that allows us to continue supporting visionary entrepreneurs and innovative companies at every stage of their journey.

The idea for WndrCo was simple: to build world-changing businesses. From the start, we’ve seen ourselves as "the founders behind the founders," a philosophy that permeates everything we do. Our team works side by side with founders, immersing ourselves in the daily grind of launching and scaling products — sometimes plugging in as interim CEOs, COOs, or CPOs to supercharge a company. This integrated approach keeps us sharp, humble, and deeply empathetic towards the challenges of true innovation.

Our new funds are dedicated to backing the next generation of companies making the internet safer, advancing the future of work, and delighting consumers with innovative software. We are convinced that the coming decade, driven by the transformative power of AI, will be a remarkable period for entrepreneurship. This technology represents the most significant revolution since the mid-2000s, following the rise of cloud computing, social media, and smartphones.

Today, as we announce our newest funds, we look forward with great optimism, ready to amplify the missions of exceptional founders and help shape the technological landscape of tomorrow.

Jeffrey and Sujay